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Are you trying to turn your good idea into a real product in the shortest time to market? Are you struggling to turn your POC into a scalable product? Check my consultancy services below!

This is precisely what I'm doing for 20 years of software development. Helping startups build a cost-efficient, market-ready POC that scales with the slightest technical compromises versus time-to-market while keeping scalability factors on the table.

I'm also here to help companies that need to resolve scaling bottlenecks by re-architecting your solution and helping your team in refactoring, restructuring, and replacement decisions.

We can work together on product software architecture, select the right cloud solutions, design and apply the most optimized software process, select the software vendor or interview your hiring candidates, and write technical RFPs.


Fascinated with how intricate programming can be I was quickly drawn to learn more. I started learning javascript and was even more enthused with making websites interactive. I now I started freelancing for e-commerce companies on shopify platform. I am now spending my time building projects with REACT JS, NEXT JS, and learning new technologies.

Check out some of my latest projects.

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Hazem Khaled

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Web Developer in Istanbul, Turkey

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